East-West Components’ Processes

We are capable of manufacturing the following processes:

  • Turned parts – various items produced utilizing CNCs or other computer-aided equipment
  • Forgings, die castings, investment, sand, and permanent mold castings, machined to customers specifications
  • Specialty cold heading and secondary machining used for part cost reductions
  • Wire forming, progressive die stampings, precision welding
  • Machined components (to include gears, pinions shafts or other tight-tolerance components)
  • Various sub-assemblies or completely assembled parts utilizing various processes

PPAPs, FPIs or any other First-Article-Inspections Reports, to include material certifications, heal treating, etc., are sent with parts or assemblies so they can be verified at your facility.

East-West Components, Inc. will handle all the complexities of sourcing, quality, shipping and payments by providing products to our American partners under the familiar net 30 day terms. Stocking programs are available and we will fulfill all special packaging needs.